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Flight planning

Automate manual UAV mission planning process with AVISION platform. Our cloud-based system algorithms validate and revise your proposed path based on obstacles database, natural terrain, weather conditions, digital maps and other variables.

regulation compliance

Ensure your operation is authorized and executes in compliance with regulations. Avoid no-fly zones, other UAVs, and manned aviation. In collaboration with NASA/FAA, our traffic control services integrate into National Airspace System.


Add human-level 'vision and brain' to your remote UAV mission. Our computer-vision SDK runs onboard the companion computer and constantly monitors static and dynamic obstacles. Once potential collision is identified, system takes corrective action and alters mission path.


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Advanced flight planning
  • Trajectories calculation
  • No fly zones support (static and dynamic)
  • Separate UAVs from manned aviation using different airspace classes
  • Spacing UAVs vs other UAVs using predefined flight levels and flight routes (analogy to manned aviation)
  • Sequencing UAVs during takeoff and landing by defining and following airfield traffic patterns for UAVs
  • Predict possible collisions and real-time routes recalculations with immediate flight plan updates
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AVISION is a SaaS solution for startups to enterprise companies utilizing UAVs for commercial purposes such as delivery, inspection, and mapping. Our system is capable of managing large number of autonomous drone missions simultaneously and enables safe UAV fleet operation. The platform calculates routes automatically based on business tasks, sets mission parameters such as relief and flight height, and provides dynamic route corrections due to change in weather or no-fly zones.

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Who we are?

AVISION was founded on the idea of improving our life with the help of robotic solutions. The team is comprised of industry experts in aviation, robotics, simulation, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems. Having expertise in both software and hardware engineering helps us effectively design and integrate advanced solutions.

We are a member of ETSA (European Training and Simulation Association) and have extensive experience in the development of modeling and simulation software. Our background and past projects include professional military flight simulators, air traffic controls, and command control simulators.

Our hardware and embedded professionals engineered unmanned aerial vehicles and custom sensor capabilities for different domains of our life: structure inspection, agriculture, and military. The latest innovation is computer-vision based collision avoidance system which enables autonomous UAV operation.


Avision Robotics provides unmatched capabilities in the space of unmanned aerial system services. We are happy to partner and move forward with enabling our expedited package delivery offering.

- Alexander Troyan, CEO of Intime